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Canada's cracking down on youth vaping—but what does this mean for the cannabis industry?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Over $13 million have been invested into national anti-vaping efforts. While Health Canada's campaigns originally focused on nicotine, the growing popularity of cannabis extracts has presented new challenges to public health.

In 2020, the Canadian Cannabis Survey reported vaping to be highest among youth aged 16-19, while additional public opinion research found "non-cannabis" taste to be the main reason they preferred it over other methods of consumption.

Recently proposed regulations might limit inhalable extracts to flavours "typical of cannabis," with the aim to reduce the appeal of vaping and cannabis. Moving forward, all products should aim to reasonably imitate the natural flavour of cannabis.

These policies will be enforced six months following their registration, expected this summer. Licensed manufacturers will be allowed to sell and deplete any impacted inventory.

Consumers searching for a "non-cannabis" taste may soon be drawn to unregulated producers for fruity, sweet tasting vapes. The new restrictions may invigorate competition between the legal market and unlicensed producers, which is an outcome that Health Canada itself admits goes against the purposes of the Cannabis Act.

So, how can manufacturers set themselves apart and maximize flavours while working within the confines of these updated regulations?

With over 150 terpenes naturally occurring in cannabis, the possible flavour combinations are limitless! The same terpenes that make up complex strain profiles contribute to other flavours consumers know and love in other plant sources—particularly fruits, which are a popular flavour choice for vape users.

Flow Scientific produces creative terpene formulations, full of flavours naturally occurring in cannabis, but also found in fruits like lemon, lime, guava, mango, and grapefruit. Check out our full product catalogue here.

In anticipation of these new regulations, we're supporting our clients to reinvent their product lines using safe and stable botanical terpene profiles blended to their unique specifications. This way, they're prepared to submit their NNCPs early, and be the first to get their new products on shelves.

Our industry-leading team is here to help brands navigate the ever-evolving market, and place them at the forefront of innovation during pivotal moments like this. New to Flow Scientific? Contact us for advice on product development, formulation, and compliance.

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