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How do I use terpenes with cannabis?

Flow Scientific terpenes can be used with extracts, oils, and concentrates at a rate of 10% or less of finished material by weight. Terpenes can be added effectively to vaporizers, topicals, edibles, beverages, flower, and aroma therapy devices. Follow related operating procedures or formulation instructions when mixing ingredients. Best used within 12 months of purchase.

What is the difference between botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes?

Botanical terpenes are a common reference to terpenes that are derived from a plant source as opposed to synthetically. Cannabis-derived terpenes by the same definition would be considered botanical. However with the focus placed on whole-plant sourcing and these differences are being evaluated and compared by consumers daily.

Are Flow Scientific terpenes Health Canada approved?

Our terpene ingredients are compliant with the Cannabis Act and the Tobacco and Vaping Act regarding additional ingredients that are permitted. The attached is a reference to the regulations.

To the best of our knowledge Health Canada does not issue licenses or approvals for terpene products. If terpenes have been derived from a cannabis extraction process, they are subject to the same chain of custody regulations as the plant from which they came.

What if I want my profile to smell a little more weedy/dank/whole-plant?

Stay tuned for our newest innovation coming late 2021!

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