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Growing from a local success story to a global player means listening to our customers and delivering on our promise of partnership and great products!

As the food, cosmetic and drug industries mature the demand for Flow Scientific terpenes increases. Consumers are demanding new and innovative products that deliver consistency and experience. Terpenes are the best choice for differentiation.

We know the process and how to support our customers' success in getting compliant concentrate products to market.

Flow Scientific was acquired by BC Hop Company in 2021. By combining forces, we are taking our partnership in hemp derived terpenes to the next level.

Dwayne Stewart, CEO

Dave Higgins, Founder

Hart Steinfeld,  International Business Development

Phone: 368-999-3569  |  Email

Edward Collins, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer

Alex Orantes, Account Executive

Phone: 778-255-3569  |  Email

Rojina Ghavami, General Management: Supervisor

Phone: 672-968-4945  |  Email

Wei Kung, QMS Manager & Regulatory Affairs



We source only natural and organic whenever possible, non-GMO, food grade, and kosher terpenes isolated from various plant species.


We do not buy any terpenes if they are not supported by a certificate of analysis from a reputable supplier, preferably in North America. Independent third-party labs results demonstrate that heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents are also not present in any of our products and verified by our own safety documentation issued with each batch of our terpenes.


In late 2019 we also completed construction of our class 7 clean room further ensuring only the best ingredients are offered by Flow Scientific; your one stop shop for terpene aromas!


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