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  • Katie Miller

Burb Appetit – A Dinner to Remember!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

June 1, 2021 felt like my first night out ever!

The team at Burb are like no other, they know where they came from and who got them there so the moment BC was ready to host events the party was on! Bringing together local restaurateurs, influencers and cannabis enthusiasts was the best was to kick off summer 2021. We dined on a terpene and cannabis infused meal highlighted by our signature cocktail the Lime Ginger Haze Moscow Mule. It is a mouth full to say and one of everyone’s favourite flavours of the night!

Always telling a story, the spotlight series shares some of BC’s legacy roots as some of us newbies added some SWAG (stuff we all get) to the fun gift bags attendees took home.

The event also reminded us how far we have come as Canada only terpene manufacturer for the cannabis industry! Being on a sponsorship roster with other leaders in the industry was thrilling and we are keeping our goals big for 2021.

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