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Case Study: Weed MD

WeedMD is a Canadian LP who made the transition from medicinal only to recreational with the help of Flow Scientific custom formulations and the delivery of high quality and compliant products.


In late 2020 we were approached to create custom profiles to meet their strict composition guidelines that could be available within weeks to pursue a rapid market expansion into the recreational category, as vapes were quickly adopted by consumers.


Our partnership with WeedMD has given us the opportunity to learn about the Canadian regulatory guidelines for this new category of cannabis products and the impact terpenes can have on product innovation.


WeedMD’s expansion has been a success to date with new SKUs coming out this quarter and now available in stores across the country and several online medical platforms.


Starseed qualified Flow Scientific as a provider of botanically sourced terpene ingredients in 2019 and developed successful products for their medicinal clients. Starseed and WeedMD merged to increase their market share and reach increasing the number of SKUs the included terpene profiles in their formulations.



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From custom terpene blends to the most prized strain profiles, we harmonize nature and science to deliver concentrated products of unmatched quality.

Flow scientific provides a consistent product ideal for our equipment and process.

Logan Marynissen
Director of Extraction

Flow Scientific is strong technical team with expert knowledge.

Matt Trudeau
Head of Product Development

We are confident in the quality of the products and their compliance with regulatory standards.

Andrew Wojcik

Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Manager



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