That was my introduction to cannabis, at first sniff it is distinct from anything you have noticed before
and speaks to your senses. Theoretically we are all aware of terpenes well before we have any
understanding of the largest class of smelly molecules produced by the plants all around us. Growing
up in Surrey, BC my Mom’s response, in a trying not to show her stigma but failing voice, “that’s pot,”
end of conversation. Flow Scientific appreciates this unique recognition and takes the exploration of
olfactory effects to the next level by creating terpene products used in cannabis products consumers

Terpenes are a hot topic these days, and we cannot wait to speak up and share our knowledge and
experience of growing our company alongside the regulated cannabis industry by continuing to innovate
our processes and products. A products’ aroma creates a fingerprint by which it becomes known. Flow
Scientific utilizes this concept to deliver terpenes used in many products consumers love and recognize.
Our niche is high purity and deep profile terpene products. Customers appreciate our transparency and
quality in addition to the ease of formulation and logistics when working with us.
Experts, analysts, and formulators agree, delivering a cannabis terpene profile that will catch a
customer’s attention at first smell has always been the name of the game. The ‘nose’ was, and still is, a
term used to describe the overall sensory appeal of the variety you are evaluating. If you were to think
of a terpene profile as pieces of bread and you have five pieces from the same loaf, we would agree they
are all the same bread. Now if the first one is left untoasted, and the next four are toasted to varying
degrees from light to burnt are they all going to taste the same? The same concept applies to terpene

Herein lies our potential for terpene innovation, no one asks for burnt toast, and it’s certainly not going
to appeal to the masses. Finding the ideal environment, timing, and process to capture these volatile
molecules and protect them through to a commercial packaged good, is at the top of our R&D agenda.
We know that this innovation will make available the most pleasing aromas that go beyond analytics to
truly speak to the consumer and their cannabis sensibilities.

Flow Scientific is pleased to be VIP partner for the 2021 WWC Conference taking place May 26 & 27, 2021 where I will be joining a panel discussion with other leaders in the industry, presented by Marigold PR.