Values – Integrity, Ingenuity, Partnership, Value, Simplicity

Our Mission

Flow Scientific has been paving the way in the terpene industry since 2016 by creating authentic products that are of the highest quality in their raw form. We create terpene ingredients for use in consumer-packaged goods your customers will love.

Our History

What do you get when you pair up an organic chemist and an accountant? Well, us! Dave, the organic chemist, brings 5 years of pharmaceuticals manufacturing and 11 years of specialty biochemical experience. At Flow Scientific he has been able to fuse his passion for aromatherapy with his dedication to quality and perfection.  Sean, the accountant has been rubbing elbows with the best and brightest in the industry for over 15 years – since back in the day when BC Bud was first making a name for itself. Through his extensive network he has connected with some of the most visionary people in the industry and is helping bring their products to the next level. You’d know them by name, and now they’re thrilled to present the next era of innovation through Flow Scientific.

Our Promise

We promise to always provide you with high quality ingredients. We source only natural and organic whenever possible, non-GMO, food grade, and kosher terpenes isolated from various plant species. We do not buy any terpenes if they are not supported by a certificate of analysis from a reputable supplier, preferably in North America. Independent third-party labs results demonstrate that heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents are also not present in any of our products and verified by our own safety documentation issued with each batch of our terpenes. In late 2019 we also completed construction of our class 7 clean room further ensuring only the best ingredients are offered by Flow Scientific; your one stop shop for terpene aromas!

Our Team

Dave Higgins, Chief Technology Officer
Dave co-founded Flow Scientific drawing on over 20 years of specialty chemical manufacturing and pharmacological biochemistry expertise with companies including Sialco and Apotex. He is the guiding force behind our R&D and manufacturing efforts,  and the steady calm in our corporate culture.

Katie Miller, MA, Sales & Business Development Manager
Leading the sales and marketing efforts as well as providing administrative competence, Katie has brought the Flow Scientific vision into reality. With extensive expertise in strategic relationship management underscored by an MA in leadership, breaking down big picture objectives into daily actions is what has inspired our culture of learning and growth.

Amber Shukaliak, BSc., M.Sc., Quality Officer
Amber is an accomplished chemist joining the team in a technical capacity enhancing our quality management and R&D capacity. She gained experience in international analysis and research following her academic accomplishments we are excited to be attracting young talented women like Amber to help build a new industry through innovation and technology.

Our Certifications